Saturday, 16 February 2013

Syria's TURMS-T equipped T-72s (1)

Over the past months more advanced armour is being used against the Free Syrian Army. At the forefront of this fight are the Syrian Republican Guard and the 4th Armoured Division, both are using the T-72AV. In the Republican Guard both the 104th and 106th Brigade are operating the T-72AV and the 105th is operating the standard T-72 'Ural' TURMS-T, the T-72M1 TURMS-T and the rare T-72AV TURMS-T. The 4th Armoured Division is mostly using the T-72AV.

The 105th brigade was under the command of Manaf Tlass who defected in July 2012. Because of this, the loyalty of the 105th was doubted. It might be a reason why the 105th is not deployed on such a large scale like the other Republian Guard brigades are. The 105th Brigade units that are taking part in the fighting are mostly seen around Harasta. Two T-72 TURMS-T were captured by the Free Syrian Army here.

Pictures and videos showing the TURMS-T equipped T-72s in action, destroyed or captured appeared shortly afterwards:

Syria signed a contract with Galileo Avionica of Italy - a wholly owned subsidiary of Finmeccanica - to upgrade 122 T-72 MBTs. It was signed in 1998. The estimated value of the contract is some 200 million dollar:

The upgrade includes installing the Galileo Tank Universal Reconfiguration Modular System T-series tank fire-control system (FCS). Known in short as (TURMS-T):

TURMS-T is a third-generation computerised day/ thermal FCS especially developed for the fire-control modernisation/ upgrade of Russian-originated T-family tanks (T-72, T-80, T-84, T-90, M-84 and so on). The TURMS-T is available for upgrade packages for other tank types made in the West. TURMS-T was trialled on the Czech T-72CZ and has been installed on the upgraded T-72M4 CZs as seen below.


The system includes stabilized sights for the gunner and commander (both with second-generation infra-red cameras) and a new turret-management computer and set of sensors, so that the gun stabilisation and accuracy is improved to the level of latest-generation tanks, even while firing on the move. The upgrade also includes an attachment for the Russian KBP Instrument Design Bureau 9K119 Refleks (AT-11) ATGM, which is fired through the T-72's 2A46 125mm main gun. The missile attachment was supplied by undisclosed subcontractors to Galileo. Installation of the systems was conducted in-country.

A complete view of the system can be seen here:

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  1. can we conclude that only The 105th Brigade units has the system?

    1. Nowadays impossible to say since the Republican Guard's structure changed quite a lot during the past few years. The RG has disbanded at least one brigade and shifted its associated personnel and equipment to other brigades.